Fundraising/Development Committee Member

Passion for Life, Inc, is a 501C (3) non-profit organization; we are seeking fundraising professionals to serve on the fundraising committee. As a fundraising committee member, you will work with a collaborative team to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to generate fundraising strategies for Passion for Life, Inc.

Estimated time commitment and meeting format

  • Attend monthly meetings and participation in a bi-weekly conference call.
  • Participation in Passion for Life, Inc. events, taking part in at least one Passion for Life, Inc. event of program activity per quarter.
  • Estimated time commitment: 5-10 hours/ month including work from home, meeting attendance and activities as needed.
  • Busiest time period: work is consistent throughout the school year

Term limit: One-year commitment

You will be expected to participate in the following:

  • Development: Actively contribute to development strategy, design of goals and objectives. Specifically assisting with the development of a one to three year fundraising plan.
  • Implementation: Preparing applications and appeals to appropriate sources of funding and serve on sub-committees for specific projects and events.
  • Detailed project management.
  • Grant writing, proposal development and execution.
  • Donor communications - email, direct mail, social media, phone calls, in person meetings and presentations in cooperation with the Marketing/Communications Committee.
  • Conduct donor prospect research.
  • Support board and other committees in the execution of annual funding plans and initiatives.
  • Gift processing and record management.
  • Monitoring: Ensure continual improvement and streamlining in process to reduce time and effort for greater return. On-going individual and team capacity building in fundraising practices.

Skills and abilities needed to succeed as a member of the Fundraising Committee:


  • Successful candidates will be motivated, self-starting and possess knowledge, skills and abilities to drive goals.
  • Sincere interest and/or related experience with fundraising activity.
  • Personal attributes of benefit to the Committee e.g. active contributor, responsible, team player, problem solver, creative thinker, organized etc.
  • Time and energy to contribute as a member and volunteer to the Fundraising committee and related tasks, events and activities.
  • Personal commitment to productive participation.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Comfortable working with a team and taking initiative. Demonstrated effectiveness in meetings and task forces; seen as a leader.
  • Solid professional reputation.
  • Ability to compose reports and succinct updates for the board and stakeholders.
  • Be continually aware of actions which could impact the reputation of the organization or the outcomes of the committee’s work.

This listing is a part-time job.

Atlanta, GA
Educational Level
GCSE / A-Level / Highschool / GED
Fundraising, Grant Writer, Grant, Finance, Accounting, Donor, Proposal
Government / Non-profit
United States
Fundraising, Grant Writer, Grant, Finance, Accounting, Donor, Proposal